Stephen Drew Heritage House On the Jones River
Kingston, MA                     circa 1760                                           Chimney - restoration

House & Central chimney restoration undertaken by -The Jones River Landing Environmental Heritage Center. This house falls within ‘Preservation through neglect’ category.  This means: unaltered with modern-day trends. 


Working over several months, this project was an archaeological treasure house. Within the chimney restoration report, the findings of salvaged ship or boat planking, was incorporated into the chimney structure. Root cellars where shipbuilding spicks were found, determined this was once a sail and rigging room.  This was confirmed by the photos that were made available. We also found old wagon & carriage iron tires, flattened to support the once existing chimney hood resting in place.

The chimney top was able to be historically reconstructed, with hand-selected brick from a Maine brick making company, and historical lime mortar.