Mason & Mason Insurance.

Formally, East Whitman Fire Station                                    Restoration work


      Here I may be dating myself, but I remember the building as it was housing a small fire truck. My wife went to girl scout meetings on the second floor. 

Two approaches to the repointing were given to Mason & Mason Insurance Company. One, a modern-day norm with modern materials, or Two, a preservation approach with restoration lime.

Putting employment aside, I thank the Mason Family & Jen Howard for picking the better approach.

Leave it to an insurance company to do the right thing.

This was a good opportunity to convey restoration preservation, with the words of someone else’s.

Photo showing scaffolding and netting erected by local scaffolding company that left the project shrouded in mystery. As they dismantled scaffolding post first phase, the scaffold company asked what was done to the building? Did you just need to get to the roof's edge? These guys see this stuff every day, so their inability to see a distinction between the matching restoration was a huge success!