613 Adams St
Abington, Ma                     circa 1830                                            Chimney top - restorations

This customer offered to be used as a storyline – Informationally Informed   or   “Schooled”.

Approximately 35 years ago, we rebuilt three chimneys at this address and restored the hearth room cooking fireplace, all with handmade bricks. One year ago, we were asked to repair the remaining two chimneys on the home, but we were fully scheduled until spring. We offered to look them over, but impatience got the better of the customer and they had found other, unskilled labor. This resulting in the unfortunate request to be on the spring schedule due to newly occurring water problems.  It was less about skill than chemistry.  I am finding that many customers have been “schooled” to become informed. Paying twice is high tuition. 

Also note, a one-year verse one-hundred-year lifecycle difference.