Restoration and preservation can be applied to all construction time frames with technique and approach and has been applied to many local repair jobs unknowingly to the customers.

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Natural Lime- Restoration and preservation mortar (much different than other lime products)- was unavailable here for more than a generation to mainstream tradesmen. 

The differences that need to be understood were lost in the generations, leaving Natural Lime use shrouded in mystery.  Millett Masonry has been working with lime mortars for about 17 years inside of a 40-year career and we have become very comfortable with the application techniques for restoration and repairs to older homes and buildings.      

429 High St

Abington, Ma                     circa 1830                                            Chimney top - restoration


Rebuilt from roof up Restoration brick and Lime mortar.

A brief introduction to lime works:   ( Brief )
Modern-day Portland cement mortar has been the industry norm for almost a century; However, its lifecycle is very limited in comparison to lime.

One of the lime products we use imported from Europe noted: “since 30 BC”. Roman aqueducts in France still stand, along with countless older works in the US that only need respect.

Modern mortar used to fix or “point” older lime jobs, is a poor mix and these mortars do not work together as intended.  Modern mortar is good for modern brick and modern application; However, Modern mortar will but destroy Historical restorations if traded for Lime. 

In Short – Modern and “time tested” do not mix well when it comes to mortar.